Press Release for Content Marketing

Press releases are an integral part of any content marketing project. So what is a press release and what does it do? A press release is a written statement that announces newsworthy events occurring in your company, for instance the launch of new services or products, new hires or events that you sponsored or attended

In other words, a press release lets the public know what your company is up to, which significantly increases your business’s visibility and credibility.

What Are the Features of an Effective Press Release?

A press release must be well written, include the set of keywords and should be based on newsworthy, interesting topics to do the job it is expected to do.

Press releases must inform the readers about events that are important for your business. You can use press releases to inform your targeted audience about online discounts that you will be offering for a certain period or to let them know about your company’s decision of supporting a social cause or non profit organization.

Effective press releases can be written for different purposes; the only common factor should be the purpose of writing them must appear interesting to your targeted audience and should have direct links with your business.

For a press release to be effective it must carry a strong headline. Often the press release’s headline is the only part that is visible on the news pages of the web; readers get to read the full write-up only after clicking on it. Thus the headline of a press release must be gripping enough for grabbing the attention of your targeted audience just at a single glance.

The press release must include keywords and key phrases that are popular in your industry. However, a press release should never be crowded with those words and phrases. They must be placed strategically all through the press release. A well written press release has keywords in its headings, sub headings and body in right proportion.

We always take care of the above mentioned points while writing press releases for our clients. We have expert keyword researchers who work hard to find out the right set of keywords and key phrases and writers with the ability to write informative and engaging content. Together they create press releases that successfully boost the online visibility and credibility of our clients.

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