Web Video Production

The web video production services offered by DeeGeeDee Consulting is the best bet when it comes to promoting your business or a new product launched by your company, important events taking place in your company or capturing cherished memories like christenings, birthday parties and weddings.

Our corporate, testimonial and promotional video production services can help you immensely in improving the identity of your brands and allow you to achieve things that seemed almost impossible earlier.

The last decade has seen a huge rise in social media and online video sharing; these are the platforms that work as powerful marketing tools for your business that too for extremely affordable prices. It’s true that pictures are great tools to bring back treasured memories; however, they do not possess the ability of connecting the audience as efficiently as the videos.

Videos allow your customers to have in-depth knowledge regarding different aspects of the products and/or services offered by you. A high quality, professionally created video will always result in lasting memories and people will love sharing such videos with friends and acquaintances in the social media.

Hire the web video production services offered by DeeGeeDee Consulting to impress your existing and potential customers. Today, video is a great way of letting people know about your business and what it offers. Promote your company on Vimeo, YouTube and your own website for extremely affordable prices.

The growing rate of video sharing on Vimeo and YouTube has made videos the most effective way of promoting your brand. We provide comprehensive web video production services. Every video created by us comes complete with its own soundtrack, which helps in adding life to your brand and making significant impact on viewers. The picture quality and size of the videos vary depending on the requirements of our clients.

We are experts in planning web video production procedures, capturing necessary video footage and editing the projects carefully by incorporation unique effects, soundtracks and transitions. Click here to ask about our video services.

What Are the Benefits of Using Web Video Production?

YouTube gets more than 800 million new and unique users every month and experiences more than 3 billion hours of video watching in a month. These numbers are enough to help you understand the importance of promoting your products and/or services online by means of videos.

Recently obtained statistics suggest that 70 percent of YouTube’s traffic comes from places outside the United States. This means business promotion through YouTube will not only allow you to reach your prospective customer base in the US, but also allow you to appeal to people residing outside the United States. Vimeo, the other online video sharing platform concentrates primarily on advert free, professional services. By uploading videos related to your business on both these platforms you will be able to experience seamless integration at your website.

Promote Your Business through Corporate Video Production

Few other promotional techniques are as flexible and effective as corporate web video production. A professionally created video will advertise your business in the best possible manner and help it to stand out instantly, an effect that advertisements in print or other still advertisements can rarely generate.

Corporate video production is a great way of showcasing the services, products, functions and features of a particular business. A well created video can improve people’s perception regarding your business. High quality corporate videos will give these people something that they will like to share instantly with people they know through social networks.

Video platforms like Vimeo and YouTube are great marketing tools that you can use to promote your company. At DeeGeeDee Consulting, we provide unique and professional YouTube channel setups that are ideal for showcasing all kinds of corporate video productions.

We know that your clients are extremely important to you; thus we always carry out the entire corporate video production procedure with great care.

What Are the Benefits of Using Corporate Video Production?

• Promote the best features of your business
• Integrate exciting and high quality selling materials
• Demonstrate industry dominance
• Promote services provided by you clearly
• Give you the chance of showcasing key areas
• Offer company intentions and ethics

Creating Effective Footage for Your Company

Testimonial video production gives you the opportunity of finally revealing and promoting people making real difference to your business and more importantly making difference to your clients. Intelligently and strategically planned productions can effectively invoke trust in the minds of your customers; no other method can do this job with such great efficiency.

We are firm believers of the fact that testimonial video production can benefit every business. You will surely be surprised to know the kind of effects it can have on your company’s brand identity. These videos will even boost your product/service sales significantly. Testimonial video production is thus recognised as an extremely potent marketing tool for businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Using Testimonial Video Production?

• Express business and personal values
• Answer frequently asked customer questions
• Potent relationship builder
• Sell your services or products indirectly
• Showcase your company’s key figures
• Praise internal staff

Experienced and Professional Video Editing and Marketing – Getting Your Products Noticed

Suppose your company offers a service or a product that you want people to buy or you want to inform people about certain events occurring in your company or want people to know about a new concept; in all these situations, promotional video production will be the best bet for you. You can use promotional video production for showcasing your products to increase their sales.

If you want the promotional videos generate your desired results, you must make sure that they offer detailed information about you and /or your business. A perfect promotional video is the one that successfully induces attraction and trust into the minds of your existing and potential customers. This attraction and trust help in selling the products or services you are promoting.

What Are the Benefits of Using Promotional Video Production?

• Inform about existing products and/or services
• Unveil new products and/or services
• Offer great selling opportunities
• Reveal industry dominance
• Help in increasing visibility
• Build customer attraction and trust

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