Customer Retention Content

The term “customer retention” is used to describe the idea of trying to keep all customers you have already acquired. Studies conducted in the recent past have revealed that you may need to spend ten times more to get a particular number of new customers than what you would have needed to spend to maintain the same number of existing customers.

Businesses with very few customers, on the other hand, might experience significant downfall in their company’s performance if they lose some of their existing customers. You may own a big company and have millions of customers, but customer retention should still be important to you. A slight increase in your company’s customer retention rate will make you experience a dramatic increase in your profits.

According to reports published in a book by Fred Reichheld, when customer the retention rate of a company increases by 5 percent, it results in a 25 to 100 percent increase in profit.

We at DeeGeeDee Consulting can help you in retaining a large share of your existing customers, if not all through high-quality content created by our writers. We know that retaining existing customers is not possible through only writing promotional content because consumers may already know a lot about your company and brand.

What we do is keep them updated with the latest news and events in your organization. We will discuss your company’s goals and plans with you and then incorporate the most attractive information regarding your business into your customer retention content.

We also perform thorough research to find out what is happening in other companies in your industry, what kind of strategies they are adopting for retaining content and whether they are coming up with any special offers. Then, after discussing those findings with you, we inform your targeted audience about some unique and useful offers that you have for them.

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