Email Marketing

The term “email marketing” is used for a kind of direct marketing via emails.

The emails you send for this purpose can be created either for informing, attracting and persuading the recipients to purchase a product or service offered by you or simply for notifying them about significant events associated with your business. fotolia_14600421_XS-300x280

Reason to use email marketing

The majority of businesses use email marketing as a quick and easy method of conveying messages to their target audience. More than 90 percent of internet users check their email account at least once every day and more than 70 percent of internet users prefer using email as their primary means of contact.

You’ve probably done this before; for example, there’s a good chance that you have received an email regarding new autumn arrivals from that online retailer you really like.

From the minute your site goes live, it is extremely important for you to make sure that all your customers get access to the option of receiving your newsletter (sometimes also called opt-in).

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