Customized Inbound Marketing Strategies

Once you get yourself ranking page one on Google, it becomes a part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. Google provides one channel of “leads” for your business to survive. This can come from paid Google advertising (PPCs) or it can come from natural, or organic search results or both. inbound-marketing-strategy

The strategy of inbound marketing can be attributed to the “spokes” on a wheel and Google’ incoming leads is just one “spoke.”

The next “spoke” will be your Facebook page, Twitter etc. Other spokes will be your infographics, your white papers, your newsletter, your blog, etc.

Most business we find, have only one or two spokes on the wheel they are working on. And unfortunately, this is not enough to make the wheel spin and carry the car down the road.

Many businesses are like this today. Their “jalopy” car with a few spokes is barely making it down the road and it’s not going very fast and the road is pretty bumpy.

By successfully planning your “inbound marketing” strategy, we can better plan the road ahead and smooth out the bumps by helping you put more “spokes” into the wheels of your online business.

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