E-books for Lead Generation

One of the most effective ways of generating leads is giving away e-books. E-books can be described as inbound marketing tools. Their primary goal is increasing website traffic and acting as a valuable source of audience and lead generation.

E-books should always be loaded with interesting and valuable information; their content should be written in a way so that even non-experts can understand them easily and benefit from the content within. ebook

The majority of people online like anything that’s free…especially when it comes to information-based content that’s about their specific interest. Most people will try clicking on the e-book link for downloading if it’s for free. This ‘click’ is the first step of the lead generation process.

By requesting users to submit their name and e-mail address, you’re essentially giving away your e-book in exchange for their mailing details…giving you the opportunity to follow up with them in the next few days with either more free info or slowly filtering them through your sales funnel.

However, to generate maximum leads, you must ensure that your e-books contain quality content, i.e. content that will be useful for your targeted audience. We perform a thorough research on the industry you are representing before writing any e-book.

This allows us to set a particular goal for your product. Here, the term “goal” means the kind of audience we want to target through the e-book and the actual conversion. Our research also allows us to understand what kind of message the e-book should convey about your business, brand or products/services.

Other than performing our own research, we also invest a lot of time in listening to our clients…allowing them to share their own ideas and plans and incorporate them into the e-books.

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