Generating and Converting Leads Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are simply web pages where visitors are directed to after clicking on online ad or search result.

Have you ever been to a really cool website and said to yourself, “Wow, this is a great landing page. They must be getting tons of emails and traffic on this one.” landing-page

We’ve done that too. There’s a lot of really good examples out there with effective landing pages that seem to be so perfect, so elegant we tend to become “green with envy.” Well, we used to be…now we tend to set the example and leave the envious glares to our competitors.

When it comes to high converting landing pages, you don’t have to be a PhD wizard with Adobe Photoshop or DreamWeaver at designing web pages that sell.

Our team at DeegeeDee Consulting can help you come up with the right message and the right landing pages to help you pull in 50, 100 leads a month and more.

What goes into a SUCCESSFUL landing page?

A short and simple story, the reward and a call to action (CTA). That’s the formula. It sounds so incredibly simple, but it’s so hard to produce. Look at the example on this page.

We have organic, HTML text content laced with Google rich key words. An H1 headline or two. A happy photo and the price, or the reward, or the special. On the right side, a quick form for the sign up or to learn more. Notice what isn’t here.  No long forms asking for everything including the request for the user’s first “male-born child.” No CAPTCHA form, either.  Short, simple and sweet.

It’s been said, “LESS is MORE, “ and it follows with Landing Pages, too. However, long copy can be just as effective…provided you maintain the copywriting throughout the page, coupled with conversion-rich CTAs, images and benefits.

At DeeGeeDee Consulting, we will show what works… and what doesn’t. In fact, many of our clients are so impressed with our landing pages, they come back to us time and time again to produce new landing pages for their new products. Click here to contact us today and get your landing page (and conversion rate) up and running.

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