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You must have spent a significant amount of money to get your website designed, developed and hosted. The process must have also required you to invest a lot of time. Obviously, you want the website to be viewed by thousands of visitors every day.

You may end up finding your website on the sidelines if you fail to get it optimized for search results or if it lacks a useful and result-driven strategy. SEO, or search engine optimization, is probably the most essential steps when it comes to bringing more visitors to your website, and we have been operating in this industry as SEO experts for years. We will optimize your website to allow search engines to locate and read through its content easily. We make sure that your website appears in the results of search engines for the right set of keywords and phrases.

The SEO strategists representing our company will assist you in putting together useful SEO campaigns for websites of any size and make sure you get hundreds of thousands of potential clients as site visitors.

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The services we offer in internet marketing will help generate more streams of revenue for your online project. Making a steady stream of revenue could be a big possibility for you.

What is Website SEO?

The term search engine optimization, or SEO, is used for the procedure of altering websites to allow search engines to read their content easily. SEO is basically a way of bringing in targeted traffic to websites. It is much different from utilizing pay per click, or PPC. PPC, unlike SEO, gets managed by services like Microsoft adCentre and Google AdWords. Often, timescale and budget become two of the most crucial factors for businesses. It’s true that PPC is capable of bringing effective traffic to a website at great speed, but eventually, PPC will make you spend much more than what a well-planned and useful SEO campaign costs. When it comes to an SEO campaign, you may need to wait a bit to experience results. Just like any other investment, getting instant returns is unlikely. How much time the SEO campaign takes to show results depends primarily on the following factors:

• Whether or not the keyword is very competitive
• Your website’s age
• Your domain’s age
• Whether or not the campaign is effective

Are you wondering which option, SEO or PPC, will work for you? You must know that it’s not about choosing either of these two options; it’s about your decision regarding what will work best for you. There are many who use both SEO and PPC to get maximum traffic for their websites. However, it can be said that in the current business environment, nothing is more important than search engine optimization. When it comes to promoting your business online, having a quality product with great packaging will not be enough for you to achieve your desired success. The factors that determine your product’s success are the keywords and phrases you utilize. Our keyword research team uses most advanced SEO tools to find keywords and/or phrases that are the most relevant and effective for your business and industry.

What are the different steps of an effective SEO campaign?

There are certain steps that constitute the basis of any SEO campaign; these steps are:

• Keyword researching
• Onsite optimisation
• Offsite optimisation

Our Keyword Researching Procedure

Keyword researching is the most vital step of any SEO campaign. This step is important because keywords are basically the search terms for which you are trying to appear in search engine results. The keyword research procedure is not only about finding obvious keywords or phrases related to your business. Often, when you think that a particular keyword might lead to thousands of searches per day, it only winds up yielding about a hundred searches. All top search engines have been designed for generating the most comprehensive results. To produce the best search results, these search engines send out numerous spiders each second; the primary job of those spiders is finding fresh content that deserves a place on the first results page because that content offers visitors the exact results they are looking for. You must ensure that your website is filled with valuable information for each of your selected keywords; all these keywords remain connected by means of internal linking and also get backed up by external links. All keywords used for search engine optimization must be researched thoroughly and may contain:

• Targeted keywords or phrases
• Broad keywords or phrases

Broad keywords and phrases might result in more search results compared to the other targeted keywords; however, if you achieve high rankings in search engine results for one or more targeted keywords or phrases, it is likely that your website will experience better conversion rates. Both targeted and broad keywords/phrases can help to make a SEO campaign successful, depending on what you want your website to achieve. For instance, our company is here to provide internet marketing services. For us, “internet marketing services” is a broad key phrase; this is because internet marketing includes a wide range of services, like social media marketing, SEO and email marketing which are also the targeted keywords for our website. Once we achieve expertise in all these individual services, the search engines will be saying that our company has achieved expertise in the broader service of internet marketing. In this way, the actual theme of your site is defined and your website gets established as a true authority.

Onsite Optimisation

You can define on-site optimization as the process of making websites search engine friendly. The keywords and phrases obtained through keyword research get implemented into:

• Content writing
• Meta keyword and meta description
• Page speed
• Internal link building

Every search engine boasts different algorithms and uses different techniques for determining the relevancy of a website to a specific set of keywords and its page rank in search results. You must be aware of the fact that to date, the world does not know about any set procedure that can be used to implement SEO; this is because search engines rank pages using a wide range of techniques. While we always keep a close eye on all news items they release in the form of video announcements and articles, these search engines never reveal their entire methodology to us.

Content writing: All popular search engines demand high-quality content. We have already mentioned that every top search engine is designed to provide the most comprehensive search results; therefore, if your website contains well-written and informative content, your chances of getting ranked on the first page of search engine results will be much higher. The content on your website should have zero spelling and grammar errors, should contain excellent writing and must have the right keyword density. What you must always remember is that content writing is never the same as writing for the search engines. You might get a bit confused, but if content for websites is written specifically for search engines, it would read as if it has been written for robots. Search engines, in spite of being robots themselves, always demand unique, descriptive and naturally written content that can be read and understood easily by humans. At our company, content writers perform thorough research on the industry you belong to and ensure that all information provided in the content is 100 percent accurate. Our writers only create unique and well-written content. Also remember that search engines don’t like duplicated content; they punish websites with copied content with.

Meta keyword and Meta description: Google recently announced that Meta keyword and Meta description are no longer a part of their algorithms. Actually, their use has become irrelevant since for a number of years. However, the story is not the same for all top search engines. We at DeeGeeDee Consulting believe that Meta keyword and Meta description can still be used since they successfully remind us of the purpose of using a particular set of keywords for a particular page. Search engines originally used Meta descriptions for determining the subject on which the page was based; Meta keywords, on the other hand, were the keywords or phrases used in that page. Meta descriptions must be well-written, descriptive and should contain the main keywords.

The other significant element known for helping search engines identify the subject of a particular segment of text without reading through it is proper application of headers is H1, H2 and H3 tags. When H1, H2 and H3 tags are used properly, the search engines easily comprehend the subject of the next segment of text. These tags are numbered based on their importance; while H1 is of maximum importance, H3 is the least important. Many users apply heading tags up to H6; however, search engines usually search only for the three initial headers.

Page speed: One of the main things that web developers always keep in mind during the web development process is page speed. There are few who want their websites to be slow; most users will move away from your website if it takes more than four seconds to load. Search engines think like a common user. Websites that take a lot of time to load will never get ranked on the first page of search results. This is because those websites will never be able to offer the visitors the best user experience. There are some techniques to utilize in order to decrease your site’s load time; web developers working at our company can implement those techniques successfully to reduce your website’s loading time.

Internal link building: Websites with quality internal link structures can be navigated easily by both its users and the search engines. Internal linking ensures that people visiting your website do not get lost; this technique allows search engines and users to move from one web page to another effortlessly. In other words, internal link building allows easy navigation. Websites that are easy to navigate always get ranked higher than those that are not.

Offsite Optimisation

The primary objective of applying off-site optimization methods is to increase your website’s visibility. You can help your website in getting maximum exposure by using various techniques:

• Co-citation
• External linking
• Social Media
• Google maps

Co-citation: Link building is important, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Search engines like Google have become very clever in side-stepping duplicate anchor links and are now focusing on content that contains relevant keywords associated with your company or brand in the same article, blog or post. There doesn’t even have to be a link involved, just the co-citation of having a decent amount of content containing unique copy with various relevant keywords can be very beneficial to your rankings and web traffic.

External linking: The term external linking is used to describe a technique that requires obtaining external sources for linking to your site. When Google first announced that external linking is one of the major factors considered for deciding a website’s rank, a number of people started to get involved in link exchanges that were unethical. Google wanted external linking to play the role of recommendations for websites. Since that time, a number of websites have been punished by Google for using black hat techniques to get external links. Even today, external linking has great importance in search engine optimization; however, what matters most is not the quantity of links, but their quality. To ensure that the external links you get are of high quality, you must try to obtain them from websites that are highly regarded by search engines and websites involved directly with your industry. If you use your keywords within the external links, search engines will instantly know the kind of content the anchor text is promoting. This is why anchor text diversity is important, as well as the page rank and trust flow of the referring site.

It is extremely important for you to ensure that the search engine optimization service provider you have picked uses natural and ethical link building methods. If the service provider uses unethical links, your website, instead of getting better traffic, will get penalized by search engines like Google, and your search engine rankings will also drop significantly. We only use white hat techniques that are proven to work while keeping our clients’ websites in good standing with Google.

Social media: In the past few years, social media has become a huge platform. Even the search engines have started to consider its use when determining page rank of a website. Social media can be described as a place for carrying out online communication; it is a place where most people meet for sharing useful information and experiences. Individuals who use well-written content and link baiting to their advantage might find people sharing their webpage with friends on top social networks like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. When hundreds of thousands of people talk about your site on the popular social networks, search engines will know how significant your influence is on users. This will increase your possibilities of getting ranked on search engines’ first results page.

Google maps: Based on the current trends, Google Maps can be described as something that all businesses should have. Google Maps will allow you to submit your company’s physical address and visually display your location. This, in turn, will ensure that you appear in search results of individuals looking for services offered by you in and around your location. Here, you can also submit a description of your company; this will give you the opportunity to utilize a large amount of your keywords and phrases.

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