Sites With High Page Rank & Trust Flow

Google’s Page Rank Algorithm Technology explains Page Rank as a way of reflecting their (Google’s) view regarding the significance of your web pages based on over 2 billion words and 500 million variables.

Google and all other popular search engines give higher PR (Page Rank) to pages which according to them are important. Pages with higher PR usually appear on the first search engine result page, although this isn’t always the case. high-trust-flow

At DeeGeeDee, we believe that a site’s PR is only a small piece of the pie as far as ranking is concerned. A simple Google search on any given keyword phrase will prove this.

Many ‘SEO experts’ spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars buying domains and sites with PRs of 4 and above. The higher the PR the higher the price.

However, many sites/domains with a high PR may not always have a decent Trust Flow score (30+). Trust Flow is determined by various factors, including domain age, diversity of backlinks from different sites etc.

This means that you can find a domain/site with a PR of 2, while its Trust Flow is 37. A domain/site with a high PR and low Trust Flow is probably a fake, backlinked to death by the seller in the hope of selling it based on PR alone.

Creating a private network of a few sites (all with different hosting, IPs, themes, nameservers etc) with domains of a high Trust Flow is sometimes a successful way of boosting a particular site’s rankings, obviously using an array of diverse anchor texts, link attributes and other legitimate SEO methods.

Buying links from sites with high PR and Trust Flows is not a good way to rank well. These sites usually have hundreds of OBLs (outbound links), spun or poor content, and more often than not, they’re linked to each other in a network that Google recognises as a link farm…bring out the beasts! (aka Panda and Penguin).

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