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There’s a lot of misconceptions out there right now regarding link building services. For a few years, buying links from link farms was not a problem if you were desperate to get to the top SERP positions using whatever means necessary.

In May 2012, Google’s Penguin came out – which was a major update to the earlier released Google PANDA update. This put the nail in the coffin for anyone keen on buying Fiverr packages such as “I will give you 50,000 backlinks and linkwheel the lot for a total of 100,000 links…etc”.link-building-services

For years, Google had been recommending that anyone buying links to gain PageRank (PR) was in sharp contrast to their guidelines. Google’s PENGUIN Update in May 2012, out a stop to the practice by penalizing websites who had bought them.

The consequences for a linkselling site start with the site losing trust in Google’s search results pages. The sites they linked to resulted in their site having a lower ranking and are often accompanied with a letter to the site owner notifying them of the the penalty and the drop in rank.

It would include a link to Google’s DISAVOW tool, which would allow the site owner to remove or “prune off” the site links they bought or any other links from ‘bad online neighbourhoods’.

Paid links to your site must have the rel= “nofollow” attribute. Which means they carry no PR value from their site to yours.

Once you have pruned off the links pointing to your site and corrected the ones with the rel= “nofollow” attibute, you can resubmit your site for reconsideration.

At DeeGeeDee Conulting, we’ve found that this kind of “too little too late,” kind of back-peddling is almost never going to get your website back to it’s former page one position in Google.

So if you’ve found that your website has been punished by Google for buying backlinks, we might recommend that you bulldoze your site, create a new domain name and start fresh using White Hat techniques to generate more natural links to your site along with qualified traffic. To learn how to use White Hat techniques and other link building services that work, speak to the team at DeeGeeDee today by clicking here.

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