Better Professional Relationships With Google+

Today, if you want your business to reach the top, you must make sure that you are up-to-date on all the latest trends and opportunities; promoting business through social media sites is just one of many ways.  google-plus-benefits

One of the most underestimated social media sites in Google+. If you already have a personal profile on Google+, that’s great. We are here to inform you about the importance of creating business profiles on Google+.

Google+ is, as the name suggests, a part of Google. This means having a presence on Google+ could boost your website’s SEO credibility, which will eventually increase your business’s online presence.

Google+ allows businesses to develop direct and personal relationships with customers and other suppliers in their respective industries.

Google+ info always contains both informative and professional content giving existing and prospective customers more information about your business and services.

Our Google+ Services

This is a relatively new service offered by Google and it’s not as intuitive as many people might like. Google is tied into your Google Gmail account. At DeeGeeDee Consulting, we offer a crash course that will teach you how to use Google+, and create circles and use the tools effectively.

Google+ is also where you can set up your rel= “author” attributes so when you blog about an article, your name can be labelled with the article. This is a huge benefit as your name and blog post is now searchable and can be seen on page one search results.

For more information on how DeeGeeDee Consulting can help you with your Google+ account, please contact us by clicking here.

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