How Pinterest Can Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board that has been incorporated into a social media network. You can describe it as digital scrapbooking. At Pinterest, visitors are allowed to “pin” images of items they are interested in.

This social media network has quickly turned into a platform where you can effectively promote products/services for free. You can categorise your pins into boards, which interest you. pinterest-for-business

Recently, it was reported by Pinterest that they get more than 10 million unique visitors. In fact, in the last 6 months, this virtual pin board has experienced a growth of more than 4,000 percent. Pinterest comes with immense marketing potential.

If you join Pinterest only to promote your company, product or service and not for the benefit to its users, the only thing you can expect is social media failure.

You should make sure that your Pinterest account helps your followers; this can be done by providing them with relevant information, keeping them up-to-date with the latest news and product launches in your company etc.

Pinterest can also be used for performing your own market research. You can use it to find out what colours your target audience like the most and which products are getting re-pinned. Such information might help you develop future products or services.

Business owners can now determine preferences and interests of their followers and the popularity and marketability of their products and/or services from the number of their own “pins” “re-pinned” by other Pinterest users.

Our Pinterest Services

Once upon a time, Pinterest was an “invite-only” kind of site. Now it is officially open to the public. Pinterest is a free place to pin-up photos and videos of things you like. The SEO impact of these sites can be helpful in creating “Social Bookmarks,” with content pinned to your site.

Basically, this is a giant “corkboard” and anyone can pin up photos of your products, your services your people and videos, too.

At DeeGeeDee Consulting, we’ll help you create your first pin-up board and show you how to pin or tag photos on your site to be pinned to the boards of your followers and hopefully re-pinned by others.

These are marketing campaigns unique to Pinterest and we’ll show you how to use them effectively. For more information about Pinterest and its benefits, contact the DeeGeeDee team by clicking here.

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