How YouTube Videos Can Make Your Twitter Account or Facebook Page More Popular

The primary function of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook is interacting through social media content.

The term “social media content” is used for any content that members of these networks or people visiting these networks look for. Photos, web links, voting polls, competitions can all be categorized as social media friendly content. However, the content type that is most friendly to social media is video. youtube-vs-vimeo

YouTube videos when shared to Twitter and Facebook quickly become part of different social activities, for instance comments, shares, tweets, likes etc.

The world came to know about this ability of YouTube videos when statistics offered by YouTube revealed that more than 100 million users of social networking websites perform the above mentioned social activities using shared YouTube videos each week.

Recently presented statistics from YouTube also suggest that more than 500 millions YouTube videos are watched through Facebook every day and on Twitter, more than 700 videos get shared in a minute.

Increase in the Number of People Viewing Videos on Mobile Devices

In 2011, YouTube experienced tripling of its mobile device web traffic. This means over 20 percent of all YouTube views were from the mobile devices.

With videos spanning more than three hours uploaded every minute through mobile devices, the above mentioned numbers are ringing true even now.

The immense improvement and rise experienced by the mobile device market and launch of a wide array of new models has allowed YouTube to be available on more than 350 million mobile devices globally.

Today, a click of a button is enough for accessing social media networks and YouTube; viewing YouTube videos or sharing them to social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook when on the go has also become extremely easy due to these contemporary mobile devices.

According to experts, the popularity of social media and YouTube videos will only increase in the coming years; this makes embracing YouTube marketing even more essential for your business.

YouTube and Vimeo – Two Great Places to Broadcast Your Videos

YouTube is owned by Google. So there’s no surprise to learn that when you sometimes go hunting for a product or service – you might find a search result with YouTube Videos in the middle of the page. This is normal. But how did that company create that video and how did they get it to rank on a page one Google search?

This is a secret that DeeGeedee Consulting will reveal to you when you use our services.

Vimeo vs. YouTube. What’s the difference?  With YouTube, you get to post your videos for free. But when people watch them, YouTube will insert another video to watch right after yours plays. They also insert commercials.

Commercials can get annoying. So are the videos that play right after yours is finished. You cannot control if YouTube plays a video that is of sexual nature, off-topic or even worse…a competitor showing off their product or service.

Vimeo is a paid service and it won’t show commercials and it won’t play other videos once yours has finished playing. At DeeGeeDee Consulting, we’ll teach you the benefits of both video platforms and how to use them effectively. Find out more by contacting us today.

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