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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be defined as the procedure of enhancing the volume and quality of the web traffic your website gets by using a range of techniques that assist you in achieving a higher ranking in search engine result when specific keywords and phrases are looked up. The main goal of search engine optimization is enhancing your site to ensure that top search engines rank it highly in their results. DeeGeeDee Consulting offers the most comprehensive SEO services. Our SEO experts employ the right set of techniques to help your website achieve top ranks in search engine results. We start our job by performing thorough research to find out the most effective and most searched keywords in your industry. Then, through different on-site (page speed, content writing, Meta keyword, Meta description and internal link building) and off-site (link baiting, external linking, social media and Google Maps) optimization methods, we improve your website’s search ranking and ensure that it attracts maximum traffic.

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Social Media

Today, social media is not only a place for interacting with friends and networking. Businesses around the world are using social media to promote themselves to a larger audience in a cost effective manner. We’ve been helping businesses enhance their social media presence since social media gained popularity. We can proudly say that social media has grown simultaneously with our company. As a result, we have witnessed the constant evolution in the world of social networking and successfully used it to promote our clients’ businesses. We are one of the first companies to start using Facebook for online promotion of our clients’ businesses. Then, as time passed and more social networks were launched, we started utilizing them as well for better online promotion for our clients. You can hire us for promoting your business via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

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Customer Retention Content

Customer retention techniques are employed to keep existing customers coming back to your business. Recent studies have revealed that the money required to attract a specific number of new customers is significantly greater than the amount needed to retain the same number of current customers. This fact is enough to prove the efficacy of customer retention content. The easiest and most effective way of retaining existing customers is by sending them e-newsletters and emails filled with well-written and informative content. We are experts in this field. The customer retention content we produce will keep your customers informed about the latest events and news of your company and make sure they come back again and again to purchase your product and/or services.

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Lead Generation

If you want to see your business experience success online, you must make sure that it is generating a significant amount of leads on a regular basis. We are experts in lead generation. To date, we have helped numerous online businesses in generating quality leads and reaching the top of search engine results. Our content creation team is capable of creating well-written and informative lead generation content, which when combined with advanced lead generation techniques, will help you generate the maximum amount of leads in the shortest possible time.

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Inbound Marketing

Today, you cannot expect your business to flourish online with only the help of outbound marketing. You will also need to use inbound marketing strategies for effective online promotion of your business. In fact, right now inbound marketing is known for yielding better results than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a procedure that attracts consumers using exceptional customer service, data and content. This marketing technique has gained popularity not only because of its extreme efficiency, but also for being significantly cheaper than traditional marketing methods. DeeGeeDee Consulting offers inbound marketing services that you can rely on completely. We use strategies like blogging and SEO to successfully attract high-quality prospects for your website. This is followed up by the use of strategies like landing page creation and lead nurturing, which assist in transforming all visitors into leads and long-term clients.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most widely used procedure for promoting businesses online. DeeGeeDee Consulting’s content marketing services will help you promote your business in the best way possible. Our content creation team performs detailed research on your company and the products and services you offer before beginning the content creation process. We make sure that all content we create contains your targeted keywords in right proportion, and if required, we also conduct keyword research to make your content SEO friendly. Our company creates high-quality infographics, articles, videos, blogs and press releases to reach your existing and potential clients and let them know about your business, its goals and what it has to offer.

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